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The Rebel Alliance

The Alliance to Restore the Republic


The Rebel Alliance stands bravely against the evil of the Galactic Empire, never backing down despite overwhelming odds. Formed from resistance movements that arose during the Clone Wars, the Rebellion has worked in secret for decades to overthrow the Emperor and restore democracy to the galaxy.


Have you ever wanted to become part of something greater? Do you want to fight for your own freedom and the freedom of others? Do you want to make a difference? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be a perfect fit for the Rebellion. Join us today! You could be our new hope.


Are you a member of the Rebellion? Are you ready to help convert others to our cause? Join the Rebellion Recruiters and help us find potential rebels. You can find new and exciting opportunities as a spy, saboteur, or assassin. If you’re ready to take on new responsibilities and fight for your cause, become a Recruiter.


Are you a victim of the Empire? Whether you’re a pilot, a collaborator, a prisoner, or a stormtrooper, we provide opportunities for a fresh start. The Rebellion can help you go free in exchange for valuable insider information. If you’re weary of being a pawn of the Empire, maybe it’s time to switch loyalties.



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